San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende
Roof rainbow...San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Sunday, November 15, 2015


"Our fundamental state is joy." El Buddha

I trust my hungers, my
body's voice, purring
howling singing weeping
laughing, I follow
her wisdom, she's always 
right, mi Mamacita
called her La Llorona,
she's also Coatlicue,
IxChel, Quan Yin,
Green Tara, White
Tara, Shakti, Kali,
sweet/fierce Saraswati,
who I met in Bali,
she asked me, "What is
freedom, madam?"
The freedom of my
hungers, to be fed
beautiful food, float in
healing waters, bathe my
mermaid hair, human
body, to be loved
unconditionally this
undying Cosmos, to
dream... in spite

of wars, ongoing violence,
the innocent killed while
eating dinner, dancing at a
concert in Paris,
going to market, daily
human errands in
Beirut (and other places, the
Earth we share)- I

believe the killers are in
the minority, we who love
our hungers, laughter of
children, rising Sun Moon
Stars, who feed our
human hungers to love,
dance our
freedom, always
with the other,
we pass it on
this dance
we pass it on 

we shall 
this wonder

Alma Luz Villanueva (c)
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
November 13, 2015

*I started writing this poem on November 11th, 
couldn't finish it for 'some reason'- until the 13th. 
We pass it on...
The Healer, in all her hummingbird forms...


  1. Kata kairos, the Greeks had a word for why it wasn't finished on the 11th, it wasn't time. and then it was. It is.

    1. **I felt a terrible sense of foreboding for those days- the truck loads of young soldiers rolling into San Miguel de Allende, it turns out there's been some 'gang shootings,' death on the streets. SMA takes it 'public safety' pretty seriously, so in rolled the soldiers- of couse, SMA is so much safer than our big cities in the USA, a ton safer. In any case, that sense of foreboding which seemed larger than 'just me.' I felt that on '9/11' in Santa Fe- in conversation with a Pueblo shaman amigo, he said "The elders have been dreaming a terrible time, it's coming." As well as his dreams- I went to Chaco Canyon to camp, heard very clearly singing spirits so beautiful, and dreamt my own dream of the coming time. Then went to Bali after '9/11', the largest Muslim population in the world surrounding tiny, beautiful Bali- I was welcomed 'home.' I love 'Kata kairos'...