San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende
Roof rainbow...San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Terrible Sweetness

Terrible Sweetness

This morning I spread
mezquite honey from the
countryside of San Miguel,
right from the bees, no

processing, the small
jar filled with sweetness,
a hazy green jewel in

sunlight, while the Israelis
evict the Palestinians from
their family home, an old
Nazi murderer being counted

for his crimes against humanity,
yes humanity, while they arrest
protestors in Arizona for that
outrage ('show me your papers'),

so many stories of sorrow, I could
not read on today, not today, instead
I tasted the green jewel on my
tongue like a toddler, "I like this,

I want more, I want more
sweetness," I want to
follow the migration of
bees, butterflies, the hummingbird's

iridescent wing,
I want to memorize
beauty, I want
beauty to burn her self on

my eye lids, my irises,
I want beauty to stalk my
dreaming, I want her
to enfold me in her

terrible sweetness, I know
the endless work bees do
daily for this pleasure
on my tongue, I want

to imagine the green
jewel is their Cosmos,
the rising Sixth Sun
their God/dess as they create

this endless, this ecstasy,
this beauty, this terrible
sweetness for.
Us. All.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico 31 Julio 2010

Today some teens came by the house asking for some pesos to 'cross the border...el otro lado'... teens are lucky to make 100 pesos in a day washing cars, that's under $10usd, which drives them to el otro lado. I gave them 100 pesos, what I had on my kitchen counter, they were so happy, they were so happy, it breaks my heart. I only hope they use it for some tacitos on the streets, a few coca colas, and not to make that death-dealing journey/attempt to reach 'the other side.' Keep them safe, Ixchel...that they may live into the Sixth World.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Retired scorpion hunter...

Since the workers have sealed up the wooden beams with cement, just three scorpions thus far and usually by July I would've murdered at least 10 or so...I figured out the wooden beam entries one night while reading, looked up to see a gigantic scorpion staring down at me...I live in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, a beautiful town, but the builders of this casita left openings in the wooden beams to the outside, so a scorpion highway, fucking I leaped up at around midnight, grabbed a plastic stool, onto the mattress (picture that, very wobbly), my long rainbow feather duster, holding on to the wall so as not to fly through the window, and murdered it with one swift fell directly on to my pillow, ayyyy Diosa...but as I was standing there, after giving it The Double Flush Ceremony, I looked up to the beams and saw moonlight streaming in, ah the openings, the scorpion highways to la casita. Then some nightly fiesta fireworks began, so I ran up to the roof to watch fiery rainbows explode over the town, sheer beauty, sheer joy...someone riding a horse down the cobbles, probably el policia with night patrols...I feel safer here than any city in my own country, yet I also love my country, the USA, where all The People have come to live from all over the Earth...gracias to the Native People, all the wanderers, my Yaqui grandmother who crossed into the USA from Sonora, when asked the contents of a sack by Customs, she emptied it and shouted, 'AIRE MEXICANA....MEXICAN AIR'...that spirit, Kokopelli's laughter, sustains we walk, crawl, limp, dance into the Sixth World...Kokopelli tells me there are no 'illegal human beings,' just the old migration people, one planet. If you're curious about the Mayan Sixth World, a good book is- 'Mexican Mystique,' Frank Waters...all of his books...QUE VIVA...