San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende
Roof rainbow...San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Thursday, October 3, 2013


Death paused
for me, I ran
across the
slender, cobbled

street, mourners
behind black
hearse, all
walking to the

graveyard, they
will make the
grave so beautiful,
flowers, favorite

things, bottle of
tequila perhaps, they
know their beloved
dead, their ancestors,

it will be so
beautiful, they
will return Dia de
Los Muertos to weep,

laugh, share
their family
feast, remember 
this life.
        *        *        *
I arrive for breakfast,
courtyard fountain, mural
of Mexico to gaze at, a 
child still connected to

her mother's vagina, cord
not cut, just born, her
ecstatic body- teens
carry stacked chairs on

their backs, hauling huge
tables, velvet sofas, into
the courtyard, men create a
dance floor, women scatter

candles everywhere, fire,
joy for the wedding, fire,
joy tonight, the wedding-
an older woman calmly fills

each tier of the central
fountain with paradise,
armloads of paradise,
rainbows of paradise,

the scent of paradise
reaches me, a wise
hummingbird pauses to
sip paradise, her

rainbow body blinds
me with fire, with
joy, every human
moment becomes

married within me,

my white-light
blinding umbilical
cord still
connected to

La Madre Cosmica,
I am her daughter,
I am her human,
I am her bride. 

                                         San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
                                              October 2013, My birth day...