San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende
Roof rainbow...San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Monday, May 23, 2016

*To George Zimmerman, who sold the gun that murdered Trayvon Martin at a high price, as karma has a high price.

The life you took, 
I send it back to 
you, his high school
prom, dreams of

university, travel,
lovers, wife, all of
his children, all of
his laughter/joy,

his grief/tears,
the son he was,
the father, grandfather,
he would become,

you, George Zimmerman,
took his hummingbirds,
eagles, orange blossoms
the rose, dolphins,

African lions, wild
wolves, snow leopards,
you took summer,
fall winter, his

17 year old spring,
and I send him 
back to you, what
you took, what

you took, what
you took, what
you took, for

In memory, Trayvon Martin, his family-
May 16, 2016
Alma Luz Villanueva (c)