San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende
Roof rainbow...San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


Circular pan dulce,
Rosca de Reyes,
Ano Nuevo, New Year,
we begin (oh again),

cutting, biting carefully,
sweet bread, the
surprise baked in,
break your tooth in

half, surprise, gift,
cut/bite carefully,
the Sacred Child
emerges in clay,

the Sacred Child
emerges in us all,
bite carefully, kiss
tenderly, s/he emerges

into the Sacred
Sixth Sun, the
next 5,200 years,

the Sacred Child
so alive, singing
us home, singing
us Home.

Alma Luz Villanueva (c)
San Miguel de Allende, Mexico
January 1, 2013

*#13, Sacred Mayan number, magic/mystery unfolding... Sacred Self, Sacred Other, Sacred planet, one people, into the Sacred Sixth Sun...

(To my son, Jules, who works daily with families, children, teens at risk in California, his work inspires me, his stories. He knows the families with no food, no furniture, teens of color who are in (great) danger of going directly to prison- he counsels them and also finds them food, furniture, and they give him JOY. And to all those who do this daily hero/hera work...Sacred Self, Sacred Other, Sacred Child alive in the world, gracias, amor, mas milagros (miracles)....

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