San Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende
Roof rainbow...San Miguel de Allende, Mexico

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Dear World, dear Earth, dear Angel Of Despair And Joy... January 6, 2011

Early morning, as we land in Mexico
City, I see the immense angel, I
blink my eyes, I stare and
stare, it doesn't disappear, it

remains firm, hovering at the
edge of Mexico City's sprawl,
Cloud Angel, Spirit Angel, Angel
Of Despair And Joy, Begging Angel,

Starving Angel, Murdered Angel,
Tortured Angel, Child Prostitute
Angel, Angel Of The Well Fed Loved
Child, Angel Of Loving Parents,

Angel Of Those Who Feed The Hungry,
Angel Of Those Who Give To Beggars,
Angel Of Those Who House The Beaten
Human Body, Angel Of Those Who

Weep For Mercy Compassion
Harvest, Angel Of Those Who
Rage For Poverty's People, Angel Of
The Unashamed Who Bellow, Angel Of

The Shamed Who Whimper, Angel Of
Our Humanity, Angel Present Alive
Every Where, Angel At The Edge Of
Mexico City, I didn't know you

were there until this morning,
December 9, 2010, if I flew
city to city, country to country,
continent to continent, I would

see you firm, hovering, your
immense wings folded softly,
fiercely, your speed of light
eyes balancing the terror,

the wonder, of being
human, you temper our
blindness, give us sight,
Angel Of Diamond Light

Eyes, watching, weeping, gazing,
our strange, stubborn human
beauty, we persist because of
you, Angel Of Despair

And Joy, at the edge of
Mexico City, every city, town,
village, every Turtle Island,
our Earth.

To the city of Tucson, the nine-year-old angel, Christina Green, killed on January 8, 2011- all the wounded, slain. May Gabrielle Gifford heal, the others wounded. May the Circle Of Angels Of Despair And Joy unfurl their soft, fierce wings, tip to tip, around Tucson at this time...

*This is the first section of this poem, it's much longer as it journeys to Los Angeles, Santa Cruz, Califas...(the 'Dear World' series in its 15th year, previous books)...but this one is for Tucson today as we ALL journey into the Sixth World. Gracias to my students at Antioch for your grace, beauty, so much humor, at the December residency...gracias to mi familia who love my heart for what it is, and I theirs also...into the Sixth World con mucho amor, the harsh, healing gaze of the Angel Of Diamond Light Eyes.


  1. yes I seemed to have read this the moment you posted it - it is so amazing, como no, you are amazing!

  2. Gracias,'s actually a longer poem but this first section definitely for Tucson...I also heard on CNN that there will be an 'Angel Action' of people with their angel wings spread to block out some nutty 'religious group' protestors...a similar group protested Matthew Shephard's funeral. Wonderful and yes, the HUMAN ANGELS at work....